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Christian Chat Rooms No Registration


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christian chat rooms no registration

christian chat rooms no registration – God's Amazing

God's Amazing Grace
God's Amazing Grace
In this book Dr. Collins speaks of what remains to be the most amazing thing that he or anyone else has encountered in a full lifetime. The fact that God would save wicked men and forgive their sins is truly amazing. But the grace of God does not stop there. Our whole life is filled with the manifestation of God’s grace to us. Here you will find what grace is and how it affects us who know Christ as our Savior. If you feel a little downhearted, or forsaken this is just the kind of truth you need. If you are not saved these words will give you hope. If you are saved they will make you rejoice in God’s great love and grace.

Christian Messel tegning

Christian Messel tegning
Christian Messel har utstilling på Tegneforbundets galleri i krysset Rådhusgata/Nedre Slottsgate. Dustete bra bilder, laget med små prikker og streker som former mønster som former bilder. Gå ditt og se det innen 7. April.